• Mellow Stainless Steel attending Russia Metal-Expo’2015

    During November 10-13th, our company attend Metal-Expo’2015 in Moscow, Russia, the 21st International Industrial Exhibition, the main event in the steel industry. The exhibition bring together more than 560 companies from 32 world countries to exhibit the whole range of ferrous and non-ferrous products, the most state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for the steel industry, metalworking and steel service centers. Some 25-30 thousand of end-users of ferrous and non-ferrous products from the construction industry, heavy-engineering, power and engineering complex, transportation & logistics, steel trading etc. are visiting the show.

    Our booth Number is 3C22 in Hall 3, we show various decorative stainless steel sheets in the Fair, many clients are very interested in our products and we get highly positive response and feedback from them. Some clients invited us to visit their company after the exhibition and discuss further cooperation.

    Russia is still a very potential market, hope by this exhibition, more Russian buyers can know and trust Mellow Stainless Steel to build a long term relationship with us.

  • Stainless steel etching technology in construction industry

      Stainless steel etching technology is an application of the cleaning solution of metallic materials, involving removal and stainless steel oxide surface passivation composition. Stainless steel wire, sheet, pipe production process, to 800-1100 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, and after heat treatment in the surface very solid oxide (layer).

        This technique overcomes the prior art deficiencies, to provide a low cost, effective, pollution-free stainless steel pickling passivation solution.

        In recent years, the application of etched stainless steel plate as a building material is increasingly widespread. More widely used for many reasons, including a better understanding of the material in an attempt to update certain design, conceived to produce a durable and maintenance of both structural materials.

        Since etched stainless steel plate having a durable and almost no need to maintain the surface these two features, encourage people to have more time than any previous emphasis on its application. Prices for most building materials are rising rapidly in a certain proportion, while the prices of many materials but also far more than stainless steel. For the maintenance and support of internal and external structure of the building in good condition costs soared more amazing. Today's architects must carefully consider all the circumstances of the building. If you need to replace or repair the building for many years, so the architect's design is a failure.

        In recent years, the walls of the pool has been made of stainless steel etched plate. Concrete has long been the main material used in repair and brushing per year, especially in the northern region. Coat with steel and add a year to build a swimming pool also needs a large area of scrub and brush, said both a substantial increase in the use of the swimming pool expenses. When the swimming pool made of stainless steel (Type 304, 2B finish) do sidewall scrub is very simple, just be able to quickly wash with soap and water. The swimming pool is now often made of stainless steel tank wall and bottom soil mixed pressure, the bottom with concrete primarily to slip.

        Walls of some buildings with 304, 8 mirror polished stainless steel material. Stainless steel plate interconnected are polished and colored polish to make the walls with consistent color wither and reflective. To prevent grease, a large area of the exposed portion of the stainless steel plate (Velvet foot) mounted on a galvanized plate and compression plate consisting of a thick sandwich. Polished stainless steel plate with an epoxy resin as a binder and galvanized steel secure the connection.

        Stainless steel can be obtained from a dry very soft performance, it may be used for the right roof covering material. Precisely because the material is easy to shape, durable and beautiful, so many architects simply use stainless steel not only use it as a protective layer, but as part of the overall design.

        Certain buildings (indoor skating rink tube) roofing Yongping overlapping layers of stainless steel, not only the building from the design point of nice, and because the role of stainless steel reflective surface, the indoor skating season has been extended and rabbit go unreasonable investment.

        For some special structure, often due to the application of stainless steel so many problems to be resolved. For example, there is a garage, parking requirements designed to not only have a protective effect of parked cars and on the exhaust gas with good ventilation; while making a certain degree of sunlight entering the garage, material both durable and maintenance-free. To meet these requirements, the designer choose 6 * 10in (15 * 25cm) 201 stainless steel grating, the grating is fixed in a vertical column, causing the inner and outer overlapping staggered layout. To enhance the effect of building design juice, staggered outside the cell plate using superficial finish, the trip outside the ordinary column grating 2B finish, all of which are 2D grid plate light Put degrees. This change in the pattern of cross-borrow to make the garage has a vivid appearance.

        For the roof structure of a building, its life and should look the same attention. At the airport restaurant, in order to make beautiful roof exhaust fans are covered with a stainless steel plate. In the choice of cover material, also he emphasized that the material is not reflective. The choice of materials for the village of 304 stainless steel, coarse polishing, low reflectivity, six finish. The choice of light to put special attention to particular issue because the glare interfere with the pilot at the destination landing sight.

        Inside and outside the office building lobby to structure are made of stainless steel. Its construction measures using stainless steel walls. Building entrance column columns wrapped in stainless steel, the front windows of the building all the way purification apparatus also covered stainless steel.

        Office Building lounge above no flowers plate is made of stainless steel with embossed components. The use of the male and female molds punching embossment on stainless steel sheet.

        Etched stainless steel plate not only long life, but also to make prisoners convex structure of good material, this can strengthen US-style buildings, it is often the main symbol of the square.

        Another example of stainless steel as the main material used for outdoor arts building is standing at the end of the famous bridge on the River.

        Stainless steel can be arbitrarily selected. It has a variety of different strength - weight ratio to suit the requirements of all types of building structures. Further, the surface roughness also provide different levels of choice for a variety of building facilities, to meet the actual needs. Bold ideas of architects, will make stainless steel in the construction industry increasingly widespread application.

  • Decorative stainless characteristics and uses

      Decorative stainless steel: architectural decorative stainless steel sheet products mainly to a thickness of less than 2mm most useful.

      Features: corrosion resistance, the different surface finish, form different gloss and reflectivity. High gloss polished stainless steel surface has the same reflectance glass.

      Uses: roof, walls, doors, windows, interior and exterior finishes, handrails, murals, decorative painting frame, rails, stainless steel column and so on.

  • Opportunities and challenges: streamline stainless steel supplier

      The past two years, the steel industry due to the real estate market downturn, declining sales, serious excess capacity. In this case, the steel industry leveraging the "Internet +" technology to open up new sales channels, all aspects of the steel industry chain are exploring electric business model, steel electric providers to become the fastest growing areas of production development of the Internet industry. Steel electricity suppliers by means of the booming capital from various quarters, a time to produce nearly 200 steel electricity supplier. Hot behind the iron and steel industry are concerned that electricity Chamber of Commerce as the previous two years, as large quantities of hot buy site closed down. This is an opportunity and challenges of the times.

      "Construction steel" Zhou Liang as senior experts believe, have a sense of crisis is now favorable situation may change at any time, to take preventive measures. Real Steel electricity supplier is not simply the transaction under the line moved to the surface in the form of lines, but the trading of steel, billing, logistics, supply chain finance provider of unified electricity.

      All in all, the expansion of sales volume, lower marketing costs and improve market competitiveness of enterprises to participate in electronic business platform to bring the most direct positive energy. In the complicated steel business platform in order to increase the viscosity characteristics to make the platform to meet customer demand and intuitive, complex Pichu, show the customer really wants. To this end, Liang Zhou as first created the "construction steel" vertical search platform, to maximize product information will be released to the target market. At the same time, the target market do big data analytics, ferroelectric providers face challenges in addition to the integration of the line resources, as well as end-user development. Liang Zhou such that the current procurement of goods in the steel business platform mostly traders, rather than true end downstream users. This herd of more than two years, the steel electricity supplier, and indeed there are many homes no clear position on the business model is not innovation, see earnings trend, some steel electricity supplier sales is not high gold content ʱ?? Do you do there is demand in electronic business platform.

      Steel electricity supplier boom continues, in order to win this protracted war, internet content is important, in order to gain a firm foothold in the market, each business platform wants to engage in innovative ways, we put a lot of money. Who can have the last laugh in the end, to see who can cater to the user's taste and innovation, who can effectively break the current bottleneck facing the development of the electricity supplier. Worryingly, most steel electricity supplier did not identify integrate their positioning China's steel industry is the trend, the current number of electricity providers and more homogeneous steel, steel only if the next dozen, then Steel electricity supplier can retain a few. Failure or, innovation worth mentioning, characteristics of the Internet is Ebb Tide, eventually survive will become the industry giant.

  • Reorganizatioin of stainless steel after national covention

      Baosteel Wuhan Iron and Steel reorganization Write confirmed

      China Steel Industry Association yesterday held information sessions in 2015 came the third message, "Thirteen Five" during the development of the steel industry targeted: to resolve the overcapacity, large-scale structural reorganization, to curb the industry disorderly competition, increase product innovation, promote green development, and encourage enterprises to go.

      Main and medium-sized steel enterprises increased losses

      2015 for the steel industry, but also a difficult one. The first half of 410 million tons of crude steel production, fell 1.3%, which is the first decline in crude steel production in the past 20 years. CISA judge, following the 2013 crude steel apparent consumption reached a peak in 2014, China's crude steel production is likely to enter the symbol of the peak area. According to foreign experience, after crude steel production reached a peak, the downward trend in the vicinity of a peak after a certain period of volatility.

      The biggest problem is still the industry oversupply, steel prices continued to new lows. In the first half of this year, the composite price index of steel has not only failed to slow down the momentum, but more intense, down 19.7% over last year's 16.2 percent decline.

      Year, iron ore prices fell, but small. Especially after April, China's iron ore price index rose as high as 26.4 percent, while steel composite price index fell by 10.2% over the same period. In this context, the main business losses increased steel prices. The first half of medium-sized steel enterprises realized profits of 39.05 billion yuan, down 14.1 percent; and the main business losses 21.68 billion yuan, increasing loss of 16.768 billion yuan; 43 loss-making enterprises accounted for 42.6% of households in the statistics of member companies.

      Therefore, "Thirteen Five" plan to resolve overcapacity will be a focus. China Steel Association believes that steel overcapacity short-term will not be eliminated.

      Large structural restructuring imperative

      CISA vice chairman Zhu Jimin said, "Thirteen Five" to conduct large-scale structural steel industry restructuring. "Regional, large special breed, and corporate structural reorganization. Now the steel industry is too dispersed, when the industry is not good, blind competition between enterprises and disorderly competition."

      Steel industry is more dispersed, state-owned enterprises accounted for about half of capacity, and therefore steel enterprises mergers and acquisitions has been a hot topic in the industry. However, state-owned steel enterprises mergers and acquisitions are few success stories. Although some consolidation on the surface, but the actual operation is still independent, did not carry out effective integration.

      Zhu Jimin said steel enterprise restructuring difficult, but also advance, otherwise the industry is difficult out of the woods.

      Earlier, market rumors, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel industry in the first three will be reorganized. Yesterday, Zhu Jimin reply to reporters, said the current restructuring in two companies and official level have not been confirmed.

      Innovation should be strengthened

      Currently, China Steel Association has established a number of Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance, steel innovation achieved some success, but on the industrial transformation and upgrading and industrial development needs is concerned, will be further deepened.

      Steel structure to promote, for example, promote the use of steel structures is progressing also slow, although there is a wide range of applications in the field of super-tall, long span space structures, industrial plants, etc., but in terms of housing, urban construction and other applications are still vast room for improvement.

      Next, the steel industry to rely on Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance has been established through cooperation and coordination on the downstream industries, continue to promote the development and application of iron and steel products, focusing on expanding the scope of application of high-end products, steel products improve application efficiency, promote Steel product life cycle reduction and green.

      At the same time, to solve the high-end product homogeneity mode and method of competition by coordinating product development and applications, from the source to break the vicious competition problem, by evaluating the product's specifications, guidance applications. (Shanghai Securities News)


  • Internet B2B development trend of stainless steel

      As the Internet thinking figurative "Internet +" represents the evolving upgrading of traditional industries and advanced productive forces, it will also promote the social and economic entities burst with new vitality, and economic restructuring reform and innovation and development provided a broader platform.

      The steel industry, "Internet +" concept most intuitive performance in currently booming steel electricity supplier, after the industry into a new normal long-awaited restructuring and development of the first outbreak. Its real meaning contains the entire marketing supply chain of the steel industry, the development of electricity supplier began the sales side, and ultimately attributed to promote the whole industry chain, especially the production side, closer to the Internet.

      "Ten years sword" Time trend to boost the rapid development of the iron and steel electricity supplier

      Internet wave sweeping across the world and started to show the rapid development momentum, the 1990s began in the last century, the United States and Europe based on its advantages in technology and personnel, leading the development of the Internet industry at that time, at the same time, began to promote the Internet industry and traditional industries integration, operation mode changes which make it glow with new vitality.

      China's Internet industry lags behind developed countries in Europe and America, but in the last 10 years of development was accelerated, technical conditions and personnel gradually maturing, the most critical is expanding the scale of Internet users, has exceeded 649 million people. Since 2005, relying on the Internet e-commerce in the country showed a rapid development trend, investment in e-commerce among commercial enterprises focus on the outbreak stage, e-commerce market to usher in a surge of development.

      On the one hand, after the promulgation of national e-commerce development plan, the overall layout of the government to promote e-commerce has been formed; on the other hand, the gradual application of e-commerce in enterprises, and economic role in promoting social development become increasingly apparent. During this period, Taobao, Alibaba, Jingdong other shopping sites rapidly forming, and its most important is to cultivate a business platform technology, the public online shopping habits, payment mode and online financial platform for commodities, especially Steel electricity supplier development and prepared the way.

      Steel and other commodities electricity supplier despite starting a little late, but early in the last century, Internet applications or information technology began with the integration of the steel industry, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shougang and other large integrated steel enterprises have established a network hardware platform, and build the enterprise ERP management information system, set up a special IT technical support department, and accumulated a lot of experience, but also transformation of information systems sales, purchasing, logistics, provided the conditions for the later.

      In this situation, the steel electricity providers from scratch, from the initial gradual development of integrated information platform to include steel information, sales, payment, financing, logistics, processing, distribution as one of the service-oriented business platform. Especially from 2011 onwards, under the influence of the financial crisis, the steel industry weak demand, overcapacity and other endogenous contradictory focus on the outbreak, leading to the main steel business into industry-wide losses, corporate profits and battered bank press, industry difficulties Forced enterprises by reducing the circulation levels to reduce costs, with the new resources on the Internet to achieve financial and other breaking rebirth, thereby pushing the steel electricity supplier explosive development.

      Since 2014, the steel electricity supplier development to achieve a breakthrough in scale. So far, the iron and steel enterprises to build a platform, a platform of steel trade enterprises and the total number of third-party platform has more than 200 nationwide commodity e-commerce companies accounted for 27.6%. The past two years the number of new platform is focused on the outbreak situation was. At the national "Internet +" the call, more steel electric providers are planning to expand the scale, with greater investment in the iron and steel electricity supplier industry chain layout.

      The rapid development of the steel electricity supplier industry chain resources to focus on more efficient and quality service to customers, and to achieve for the majority of end-users, especially small and medium sized customers a full range of differentiated services to maximize customer value. Meanwhile, steel electricity providers also improve efficiency and reduce the cost of iron and steel enterprise marketing sectors and enhance the company's profitability.

      Enlightenment, "he mountain stone" Japanese and Korean steel companies in the electricity business development

      Steel Industry and Information Technology development started in Europe and America and other developed  countries first, but really the information technology and Internet applications fully introduced in the steel industry in Japan, South Korea's steel companies, Japanese and Korean steel companies take the lead in information technology for customers and fused with manufacturing systems, and promote the development of intelligent production.

      Japanese and Korean steel enterprise information construction began in the late 1970s. They large computer based on the establishment of a centralized information system, and gradually expand and develop new applications on the basis of gradual improvement from production to management decisions entire information system integration. The Japanese and Korean steel enterprises information logical development of consistent, integrated manufacturing processes while achieving integration, reducing management, marketing, logistics supply chain information at all levels, thereby reducing costs and through information technology operations and technical experience accumulated, Foreign gradually provide solutions that create new value.

      Japanese and Korean steel companies in information technology, particularly Internet technology integration process, the most representative of POSCO. The world's most competitive steel enterprise information occurs when it is facing a crisis, and China's current iron and steel enterprises are facing the external environment is very similar.

      The last century, the face of the steel market from a seller's to a buyer's market conditions change, Pohang Iron and Steel in the information on the basis of highly integrated, increasing the information transformation to customer value-oriented, in the internal procurement, production, sales, logistics , finance, human information integration, while the various departments to promote the manufacturing execution system based on Internet, the customer's information needs timely feedback to the various departments to coordinate internal production customer experience, sales of all aspects, so that the delivery cycle and customer satisfaction degree has been further improved. Pohang to get out of the crisis through information and gradually build its own core competencies system, China's steel enterprises by introducing information technology internal Internet applications, improve production efficiency, out of the current predicament.

      Japanese and Korean steel companies in the information construction process of the steel electricity providers have also been actively trying. In Europe and other steel companies have emerged electronic business platform, the Japanese and Korean steel companies pay close attention to the development trend of the electricity supplier, Nippon Steel and POSCO signed a strategic alliance agreement, by third-party investment and the development of information industry and other forms of building the initial electronic business platform, later gradually extended to the electricity supplier website to product sales and raw material procurement based. However, the development of electronic business platform of Japanese and Korean steel companies did not achieve a breakthrough, more performance for the enterprise itself or platform and enterprise information management systems connected, did not develop into an effective tool for the integration of industrial chain resources.

      Japanese and Korean steel electronic business platform development frustrated because, on the one hand steel joint enterprises established business platform is difficult to deal with competition and conflicts of interest among steel prices, while Japanese and Korean steel companies with a high concentration, it is difficult to intervene enterprise business platform from procurement to all aspects of sales; on the other hand, when the electricity supplier technology is not yet mature, online shopping environment is not yet formed, direct supply channel steel prices and relatively smooth and does not require the intervention of electronic business platform.

      Japanese and Korean steel companies through the experience of the development of the electricity supplier, we could see some problems of the current development of China's electronic business platform, as many steel companies developing electronic business platform warlords, despite the emphasis on the symbiotic compatible, but competition among enterprises and interests conflict is still inevitable, steel electricity supplier centralized explosive growth has intensified competition in the market, the future of steel electricity supplier will also face tough market survival of the fittest. At the same time, the industry is adder Internet and steel industry how widespread confusion and controversy.

      "Forced Transformation" Steel electricity supplier will bring profound changes in the industry

      Internet's charm lies in the subversion of traditional industries and innovation, the future development of the steel and electricity supplier "Internet + Steel" prospects of the industry will far exceed what we see and can imagine.

      For steel electricity providers, the market space is growing.

      Statistics show that the total number of registered users of the domestic steel e-commerce website platform has reached 609,000 in the first quarter of this year, domestic steel e-commerce site 20,700 new subscribers; at the same time, in the first quarter, domestic steel e-commerce sales accounted for steel 10.6% of total sales of key enterprises, key enterprises accounted for the remaining sales (except the amount of steel direct supply) ratio of 17.1%; the same period, the size of the domestic steel trading steel e-commerce market reached 14.17 million tons.

      In addition, the continuous influx of capital from various quarters, steel electric business development model maturing, steel electricity supplier is still accelerating the pace of development. On the one hand, under the incentive "Internet +" action plan, the steel industry chain parties to steel e-commerce to impose unprecedented attention and actively embrace the electronic business platform; on the other hand, user habits gradually develop, with the More traditional lines of business run on-line, users will gradually get rid of the traditional offline trading patterns, such that the effective number of users explosive growth.

      With the gradual improvement of the electricity supplier and the steel industry chain resource integration to achieve results, the upgrading and restructuring of the steel industry will be the formation of Forced effect. Steel electricity suppliers from the current development trend of view, this Forced effect has begun to appear.

      For example, the traditional large-scale state-owned enterprise e-commerce strategy, already reflects the traditional channels are being actively adapt to the "Internet +" strategy requirements. This is bound to bring enormous industry chain parties to the demonstration and incentive effects. Accelerate the traditional way of thinking will change the industry chain parties to create favorable conditions for the integration of the parties will be controlled according to their own resources, and actively explore various business models, until the win.

      Again, in the new round of e-commerce boom, enterprises through joint effort to build e-commerce platform, and strengthen regional advantages and scale advantages, making further accelerate the pace of industrial integration, which will have mergers and acquisitions within the industry, optimize the industrial structure play a catalytic role. But more importantly, with the steel electricity supplier the deepening integration of resources, increased traffic, information and data systems forming, steel electricity supplier inevitable requirement of the whole industry chain, especially the production side of the Internet-based, and truly consumer-driven production ʱ?? Iron and steel enterprises will need to market and customer needs feedback through electronic business platform, and as a core arrange all aspects of production, logistics, sales, services, and even customized according to the customer's demand will become possible.

      It is foreseeable that the steel electricity supplier development will bring profound changes in the final  transformation of the industry to promote the steel intelligent manufacturing, and ultimately into user-oriented steel service providers. (Source: China Metallurgical News - China Steel News Author: Fan Tiejun)

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Mellow Stainless Steel attending Russia Metal-Expo’2015 2015-11-12
Mellow Stainless Steel attending Russia Metal-Expo’2015
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