Stainless steel etching technology in construction industry

    Time: 2015-08-11 14:22:56

      Stainless steel etching technology is an application of the cleaning solution of metallic materials, involving removal and stainless steel oxide surface passivation composition. Stainless steel wire, sheet, pipe production process, to 800-1100 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, and after heat treatment in the surface very solid oxide (layer).

        This technique overcomes the prior art deficiencies, to provide a low cost, effective, pollution-free stainless steel pickling passivation solution.

        In recent years, the application of etched stainless steel plate as a building material is increasingly widespread. More widely used for many reasons, including a better understanding of the material in an attempt to update certain design, conceived to produce a durable and maintenance of both structural materials.

        Since etched stainless steel plate having a durable and almost no need to maintain the surface these two features, encourage people to have more time than any previous emphasis on its application. Prices for most building materials are rising rapidly in a certain proportion, while the prices of many materials but also far more than stainless steel. For the maintenance and support of internal and external structure of the building in good condition costs soared more amazing. Today's architects must carefully consider all the circumstances of the building. If you need to replace or repair the building for many years, so the architect's design is a failure.

        In recent years, the walls of the pool has been made of stainless steel etched plate. Concrete has long been the main material used in repair and brushing per year, especially in the northern region. Coat with steel and add a year to build a swimming pool also needs a large area of scrub and brush, said both a substantial increase in the use of the swimming pool expenses. When the swimming pool made of stainless steel (Type 304, 2B finish) do sidewall scrub is very simple, just be able to quickly wash with soap and water. The swimming pool is now often made of stainless steel tank wall and bottom soil mixed pressure, the bottom with concrete primarily to slip.

        Walls of some buildings with 304, 8 mirror polished stainless steel material. Stainless steel plate interconnected are polished and colored polish to make the walls with consistent color wither and reflective. To prevent grease, a large area of the exposed portion of the stainless steel plate (Velvet foot) mounted on a galvanized plate and compression plate consisting of a thick sandwich. Polished stainless steel plate with an epoxy resin as a binder and galvanized steel secure the connection.

        Stainless steel can be obtained from a dry very soft performance, it may be used for the right roof covering material. Precisely because the material is easy to shape, durable and beautiful, so many architects simply use stainless steel not only use it as a protective layer, but as part of the overall design.

        Certain buildings (indoor skating rink tube) roofing Yongping overlapping layers of stainless steel, not only the building from the design point of nice, and because the role of stainless steel reflective surface, the indoor skating season has been extended and rabbit go unreasonable investment.

        For some special structure, often due to the application of stainless steel so many problems to be resolved. For example, there is a garage, parking requirements designed to not only have a protective effect of parked cars and on the exhaust gas with good ventilation; while making a certain degree of sunlight entering the garage, material both durable and maintenance-free. To meet these requirements, the designer choose 6 * 10in (15 * 25cm) 201 stainless steel grating, the grating is fixed in a vertical column, causing the inner and outer overlapping staggered layout. To enhance the effect of building design juice, staggered outside the cell plate using superficial finish, the trip outside the ordinary column grating 2B finish, all of which are 2D grid plate light Put degrees. This change in the pattern of cross-borrow to make the garage has a vivid appearance.

        For the roof structure of a building, its life and should look the same attention. At the airport restaurant, in order to make beautiful roof exhaust fans are covered with a stainless steel plate. In the choice of cover material, also he emphasized that the material is not reflective. The choice of materials for the village of 304 stainless steel, coarse polishing, low reflectivity, six finish. The choice of light to put special attention to particular issue because the glare interfere with the pilot at the destination landing sight.

        Inside and outside the office building lobby to structure are made of stainless steel. Its construction measures using stainless steel walls. Building entrance column columns wrapped in stainless steel, the front windows of the building all the way purification apparatus also covered stainless steel.

        Office Building lounge above no flowers plate is made of stainless steel with embossed components. The use of the male and female molds punching embossment on stainless steel sheet.

        Etched stainless steel plate not only long life, but also to make prisoners convex structure of good material, this can strengthen US-style buildings, it is often the main symbol of the square.

        Another example of stainless steel as the main material used for outdoor arts building is standing at the end of the famous bridge on the River.

        Stainless steel can be arbitrarily selected. It has a variety of different strength - weight ratio to suit the requirements of all types of building structures. Further, the surface roughness also provide different levels of choice for a variety of building facilities, to meet the actual needs. Bold ideas of architects, will make stainless steel in the construction industry increasingly widespread application.