Opportunities and challenges: streamline stainless steel supplier

    Time: 2015-08-11 14:15:53

      The past two years, the steel industry due to the real estate market downturn, declining sales, serious excess capacity. In this case, the steel industry leveraging the "Internet +" technology to open up new sales channels, all aspects of the steel industry chain are exploring electric business model, steel electric providers to become the fastest growing areas of production development of the Internet industry. Steel electricity suppliers by means of the booming capital from various quarters, a time to produce nearly 200 steel electricity supplier. Hot behind the iron and steel industry are concerned that electricity Chamber of Commerce as the previous two years, as large quantities of hot buy site closed down. This is an opportunity and challenges of the times.

      "Construction steel" Zhou Liang as senior experts believe, have a sense of crisis is now favorable situation may change at any time, to take preventive measures. Real Steel electricity supplier is not simply the transaction under the line moved to the surface in the form of lines, but the trading of steel, billing, logistics, supply chain finance provider of unified electricity.

      All in all, the expansion of sales volume, lower marketing costs and improve market competitiveness of enterprises to participate in electronic business platform to bring the most direct positive energy. In the complicated steel business platform in order to increase the viscosity characteristics to make the platform to meet customer demand and intuitive, complex Pichu, show the customer really wants. To this end, Liang Zhou as first created the "construction steel" vertical search platform, to maximize product information will be released to the target market. At the same time, the target market do big data analytics, ferroelectric providers face challenges in addition to the integration of the line resources, as well as end-user development. Liang Zhou such that the current procurement of goods in the steel business platform mostly traders, rather than true end downstream users. This herd of more than two years, the steel electricity supplier, and indeed there are many homes no clear position on the business model is not innovation, see earnings trend, some steel electricity supplier sales is not high gold content ʱ?? Do you do there is demand in electronic business platform.

      Steel electricity supplier boom continues, in order to win this protracted war, internet content is important, in order to gain a firm foothold in the market, each business platform wants to engage in innovative ways, we put a lot of money. Who can have the last laugh in the end, to see who can cater to the user's taste and innovation, who can effectively break the current bottleneck facing the development of the electricity supplier. Worryingly, most steel electricity supplier did not identify integrate their positioning China's steel industry is the trend, the current number of electricity providers and more homogeneous steel, steel only if the next dozen, then Steel electricity supplier can retain a few. Failure or, innovation worth mentioning, characteristics of the Internet is Ebb Tide, eventually survive will become the industry giant.