Founded in 2004, Mellow Group have been thoroughly developed in the stainless steel market for more than 18 years with advanced technology.

As one of subsidiary companies, GUANGDONG OAT HOME FURNITURE CO.,LTD is engaged in research and development of high-end stainless steel custom furniture, located in Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong.

Since its establishment, as a professional manufacturer of ZERO formaldehyde stainless steel home furniture. 

OAT embraces aesthetic design of Italy combined with craftsmanship in Germany, applies stainless steel panel in kitchen areas and custom stainless steel cabinetry.

we have great capabilities of manufacturing High-end stainless steel kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, balcony cabinet, laundry cabinet.etc. We have internationally R&D teams and qualified workers, which bring us fabulous products and won a good reputation at home and abroad.

OAT has always advocated the concept of Eco-friendly, beauty and smart home, with constant advancement in processing technologies. OAT is confident in becoming a trend-leading pioneer in high-end stainless steel custom home furniture.