Founded in 2004, Mellow Stainless Steel has been thoroughly developed in the stainless steel industry for nearly 20 years with advanced technology.


After decade development, Mellow has became a group consists of Foshan Mellow, Guangdong OAT home furniture,Foshan Lisheng, Zhaoqing Senmei, Sichuang Tianhong, Henan Tianhong, Hunan Tianhong.


We are cold rolling mill, decor sheets processing center, core agent of big mill and stainless steel home furniture manufacturer covering the full range of stainless steel industry. Total annul turnover is 4 billion. Factory was location in 4 different provinces with staff over 1500. We has formed a comprehensive development pattern covering stainless steel home furniture, engineering design and application, and is committed to providing overall solutions of stainless steel. It pays attention to consumers' taste and value pursuit, provides the overall design and customization of stainless steel home appliance, and meets people's yearning for a magnificent life.


The group has a strong ability to integrate resources and has established strategic cooperative relations with many well-known stainless steel enterprises. It integrates one-stop services such as stainless steel processing, sales, warehousing, logistics and distribution. It has a comprehensive service platform in South China, East China and Southwest China, and our products are all over the country.


Mellow Stainless Steel is actively deploying overseas markets, and its stainless steel products have been exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, Russia, South Korea and other countries due to excellent quality and reputation.